Learning in community

Community Learning

We develop focal points for learning within local communities. Examples include: leased premises at 109 Southway (Westborough) which provides a classroom where we and our partners, e.g. Guildford College, can deliver learning to meet local needs. In Guildford SLLP is currently piloting a new approach to learning within the heart of communities. The first community learning centre has been established in Park Barn, an area of disadvantage and social inequality In other areas we use venues provided by voluntary sector organisations such as Leatherhead Start.

Digital Learning

In the UK there are 10 million people without access to the internet, four million among the most socially and economically disadvantaged, 39% over the age of 65 years and 38% unemployed. One third of all households do not have the internet and one in four adults have never used the internet. Meanwhile the internet and digital technology command ever greater aspects of our lives.

Other Activities

We hold occasional Community Learning Partnerships throughout the county. Their aim is to promote local collaboration between partner organisations and share vital information on local learning needs, as well as to deliver innovative solutions to local learning issues.